Leaflets Of My Quest

Leaflets Of My Quest

Innerbaia site mirrors the leaves of my Quest and is continually evolving, like I am. Here I link to interesting sites, much of them I visited before and received education on Spirituality, Light, Color, Sound and Form.

Vibrations, like colors and sounds, means a lot to me, the study of and experiments with colors have seized a big part of my life.

Now that old age is upon me, I want to share as much as possible of this knowledge.

I know that this site is second best, because monitors make their colors out op red, green and blue and you do not get the right wavelength’s. Anyhow, it is a mingle of vibrations and finally your brains are doing the job just perfectly.

Colors go straight to the nucleus of the cell.

Color language was primordial and the same for all mankind.

One day I prefer to co-create with the Source, and your help, a kind of a personal dome, helmet, head-up display, or goggles, with prismatic colors of exact wavelength’s.

Anyhow, at least a computer- or a TV-monitor is one easy way to start with and make you already familiar with the healing and psychological qualities of the visible spectrum.

Darkness is an energy, less denser than light, through interplay they create color, which next manifestation is sound, which creates form.

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